Christian Transhumanism

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Brain Augmentation Bill of Rights

status: draft


initial statements: Micah Redding

initial idea: Daniel Redding, Jared Kohler

updates from:

directions: Add potential statements to the bottom of the list. Comment underneath each statement with support, constructive critique, or alternate versions.

Proposed statements

Legal Agency

A person has a right to augment their brain in ways that they deem healthy and desirable.

Brain augmentation technology must be legally classified as an aspect of the subject’s body.

As such, hardware, software, and on-device data, may not be subject to unreasonable search and seizure.

Technological Agency

The user must be able to turn off or disconnect the device, at the level of both software and hardware.

The technology must only initiate outgoing connection at user request.

Neither the hardware nor the software needed to operate basic functions may be capable of being remotely disabled.

The technology must reveal any ongoing connections to the outside world. The technology must maintain a user-accessible record of any such interactions.

Biological Agency

The right of removal

The right of disconnection

The right of upgrade

The right to be informed about the technological life-cycle

The right to be informed about the biological ramifications

Additional proposed statements?

Transparency of brain augmentation service providers capabilities

Brain Augmentation Bill of Rights