Christian Transhumanism

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An eschatology in which Christ returns to establish the Kingdom of Heaven after humans have finished most of the work of renewing the world. This has historically been associated with optimism about humanity's future, as it predicts that human progress will continue in an upward trajectory, until reaching a disruptive point.

Often combined with Preterism, which interprets many of the events of Book of Revelation as having already happened.

Some might compare this to a belief in technological progress leading to the Singularity.

Sir Francis Bacon formulated a Postmillennial Eschatology

Evangelicalism began as Postmillennialism

Jonathan Edwards, John Wesley, George Whitefield, Charles Finney

John Wesley (1703–1791) recovers Physical Eschatology

Seventh-Day Adventism (1863) recovers Physical Eschatology. Act it out in health, education, personal life.

Postmillennialism launches modern missionary movement