Christian Transhumanism

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Christian Transhumanist Association

A movement to use science and technology to participate in the work of God, and transform the human condition, as called for by the discipleship of Christ

A conversation between the leading edges of science and technology, and the broad Christian faith

An emerging theology of technology

A voice for positive, relational values in building our future

A call for Christians to serve—scientifically, technological, socially—on behalf of the world

Culture of the CTA:

Ecumenical. We span all Christian traditions and denominations.

Open. We invite both secular transhumanists and non-transhumanist Christians to engage in dialogue with us.

formal organization of Christian Transhumanism

2013-06-06 Initial membership signup form

2013-06-07 Call for Interest in a Christian Transhumanist Association

2013-11-01 Formation of CTA working group

2014-05-15 CTA legal formation

2015 Public membership drive

Christian Transhumanist Association